Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wichita, here I am

Ah yes, I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting my first post from Wichita. Well, here it is! I am enjoying my time immensely here. While the weather is very different from Utah or Washington, people are still nice and I'm extremely grateful to have a job. To explain the weather, it is usually around 50% humidity, with high temperatures in the mid-90's. This isn't so bad, but it was definitely draining when I got here, and is pretty rough if you're not inside air conditioning all day (call me a weakling if you will, but it's hot!). The most exciting weather though has been the thunderstorms. They often bring a lot of rain down, even strong enough to get inside our windows (I'm sure the windows are just faulty). With the rain though, of course, comes greatly added humidity.

Next, my job has been exciting, at least more so recently. I am working on the Airbus A350, which is basically Airbus' answer to Boeing's 787, with a mostly composite fuselage. Our team is working on the frames section of the middle part of the fuselage. I haven't done to much design work, but I am learning the 3D modeling program better and hope to start making useful contributions. I took a class this past week (all week) on wireframe and surface modeling. It was fun, but I'm glad to get back to the office. I work in a cube, well, I technically share a cube with two other people, but it's still great.

How about I'll talk about food last. I have been eating out a lot, mainly because I am just lazy. Anyway, I am trying to hit a bunch of BBQ places. I've hit three so far which have all been very good. Last night I went to Texas Roadhouse, which they say is the best steak in town. It was pretty delicious, and their ribs weren't bad either. In addition, they had amazing rolls that were super fluffy, with honey butter with cinammon (that's what we thought at least). It was delicious, and I was filled to the brim. I guess that's all for now, oh, and I also joined the YMCA, which I try to get to twice a week at least to go swimming.

It's fun times here in Wichita!