Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dallas, but so much more

So, this is a report on my recent trip to the Dallas/Arlington area. My friend Joe and I drove down to Dallas last friday evening, leaving at 7:15pm and getting to Dallas at around 12:45am, so not too long, but no too short either. Then we talked a bit with my cousin Erik and his wife Julie. Then it was time to sleep.

We got a somewhat early start on the day, by going to IHOP for breakfast at 9am. It was very good, I got the "Veteran Scramble", which was eggs, hashbrowns, and some other good stuff. It was very filling, I couldn't even eat my pancakes. It was nice to see Egan relatives, including my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob Egan, and my cousins Erik and Emily, each with their spouses and all their children. It was a large and fun group!

Next, we drove to the Dallas Temple to do baptisms. When we got there they told us to wait while the session before us got done and came out. They mentioned to us that they were the cheer squad for BYU, so that was pretty cool. The baptisms went well, we were mixed in with a Spanish Branch, but they did do ours in English. It was great, aside from the dressing rooms being tiny.

After that, we drove over to see the legendary Cotton Bowl. We took some fun pics of that and then drove to Dealey Plaza. Here, we took the 6th Floor Museum audio tour of the events surrounding the Kennedy Assasination. It was really eerie knowing it had all gone down there, they even had Xs on the street where the car had been when the shots were fired. It was all very interesting, and I'd highly suggest it to anyone interested. We of course also saw the grassy knoll. It was all very informative.

Now comes even more amazing adventures! From Dealey Plaza we drove to the Ballpark in Arlington, where the Texas Rangers play and finally arrived at the Dallas Cowboys new Stadium. To put it simply, this stadium is a monstrosity! It is enormous! It has an enormous retractable roof. But, there are two things that made it insanely amazing. One, the 50 plus yard wide HDTV hanging over the field, which is ginormous! In addition, this large, expansive building is air-conditioned! Can you believe it? I was in awe!

So, we watched an amazing BYU-Oklahoma game which ended as it should have. BYU beat the Sooners 14-13! It was a madhouse! We were screaming and cheering and I can't really describe it but it was awesome. I have posted pictures and one video on Facebook. It was great and I'm so happy I made the short drive to make it happen! Don't pass up opportunities people!