Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BCS Rant

I just want to get this out of my system quickly, so hopefully I'll forget about it and be at peace. This is mostly concerning TCU's football team this year, and Utah's team last year. Both teams went 12-0 in the season, had amazing teams and were yet not so privileged to play in the BCS title game. Ok, so the MWC may not be a BCS-conference. But, how many points did Alabama score against Utah last year? Oh yeah, 17. It was 31-17. Now TCU this year, goes undefeated and is ranked No. 4 at the end of the regular season (mind you, they would have been 3rd if the Big East didn't play for the title). And yet, they are snubbed.

Now, to another, I would say more annoying thing. Now TCU gets to play Boise St. in a BCS bowl game? First of all, they played each other last year, and TCU won. Second of all, what is the point of being in a BCS bowl if you can't play a "BCS caliber" team. Even if TCU trounces Boise St., critics will still continue to say how they weren't that good, I mean Boise St. is from the WAC, a lowly conference. And even if TCU did finish 2nd in the BCS after all the bowl games, it still wouldn't mean anything. These kinds of teams should have a shot at a national title. But will they get it? Not likely. Anyway, TCU should get a chance to play a BCS conference team, but instead will just show their brute strength and skills against a decent Boise St. team, and no one will ever know if they could have hung with Texas or Alabama, cause they never got the chance.

As a lost rant, as we all know, the BCS is broken. 5 undefeated teams! I know there are computers to figure these things out, but no one really knows how it works. Thus the need for a playoff, but I won't even start with that, because it will not happen unless the government gets involved, and who wants more government control? Not me...