Saturday, May 8, 2010


In case some of you didn't know, due to recent bird migrations, I've kind of been obsessed with birds recently. I've been seeing many different kinds of birds migrating back north, now that summer is close approaching. I've been lucky enough to see a cardinal (finally!), and other birds I can't really name. I've also thought a lot about mother birds. A bird has nested right next to our apartment door (outside, thankfully). And it seems that she is almost constantly flying to get a worm and brings it back to the nest, where the little birdies chirp for food. She does this a lot.

So, how do birds affect me? First of all, it is yet another of the innumerable ways that all things denote there is a God. Birds are beautiful (at least to me) and I know that it is a blessing to have such beautiful creatures around. Not to mention other things in nature. Namely, forests!

I had a great opportunity today to go to friends parents house to help clean up a long dirtied farm area. This was mostly finding wood that could be used or burned in a firepit, and pretty much all other trash, to be burned in a trash heap. Getting out there I saw many birds, and just enjoyed the beautiful trees and scenery. Once there is was great to be out in nature again, listening to birds sing their beautiful songs. I wish i knew their songs better, but someday maybe I will. Anyway, now to a random point in my blog. I picked up a few pieces of wood, that I believe had been on the ground for quite a long time. However, when I did so, there were few bugs beneath them. I'm used to seeing tons of bugs when I pick up a log, or something that has been in the grass for a long time. Why so? My only guess is that either the ground was not super moist (though it looked moist) or bugs are still making their way back to our view. It is only spring, and perhaps the true "bug" season is summer, which I think is right. Either way it was strange.

Well, that's all for now. Hope someone reads this, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Enjoy birds this summer!

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  1. i read it.. haha... it's nice to enjoy nature... oh what wonderful things our heavenly father has created for us to make our lives more beautiful!